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The Levanta Town Department store is covered in lights and decorations for the holidays! People flock from all over the drifting land to buy presents for their friends and loved ones, and/or to gawk at the beautiful lights and and really sweet sales.

You can do whatever you want here! Go shopping, visit the santa and his devoted delibird, eat at the (reportedly romantic) restaurant at the top of the department store, help the department staff finish decorating before the crowds really hit, or even get into a fight and get kicked out by the department store staff, I guess. Anything goes!

Whatever you choose to do here, welcome, and happy holidays!

[As for Green? He's standing outside the store with his hands jammed into his pockets, staring at the store. It's about as big as Celadon's, he guesses, though it's been an age since he last visited it so he can't be sure. He seems to be hesitating, not sure if he wants to go in or not, ignoring the crowds of people who bustle around him as they enter and exit the store. Won't you come say hello?]

[[ooc: Long time no see, everyone! This is like a half-meme (that I totally stole from [community profile] bakerstreet!) You can say hello to Green if you want, but you don't have to. You can post a comment doing something and wait for other people to reply, jump on other people's threads, or work out some RPing with people beforehand and do your thing in the comments. My other characters will be floating around in the comments too, ahah. Do whatever you want and have fun!]]
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The meadows just at the border of Levanta Town are certainly a nice place, in Mewtwo's opinion, to simply sit, relax, and try to come to terms with his new situation. Omnivorous, the Pokemon has a varied spread of food and drinks to choose from - many of which, he was simply curious about. With the villagers not even batting an eyelash at his presence, the calm is contagious.

There are human foods as well as berries alike. Being so close to civilization without needing to hide himself is a large perk indeed. But perhaps he obtained too much? He wouldn't mind sharing.

Getting a little more comfortable, and tucking his tail against his hip and rearranging the dull brown cloak around his shoulders, Mewtwo turned his gaze back to the main road he was sitting near, wondering if anyone would pass by. Not that it mattered if anyone did or not - the villain-turned-hero would be just as content to be alone if it came to that.
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[Walking around Levanta Town, you might catch a whiff of an entrancing smell- something like flowers, honey, and all good things in the world. Following the smell will lead you out into the fields, to the crest of a pleasant little hill. There, you come upon a picnic.]

[A trainer sits in the middle of the blanket, surrounded by sweet treats. Cookies, tiny cakes, fruit tarts, anything you can imagine! A Meganium rests at the edge of the blanket- the source of the alluring Sweet Scent. The trainer adjusts her trademark black-and-gold hat with a smile.]

You're doing great, Rita! We're bound to meet some beautiful flowers this way!

[It seems like a girls' paradise... dare a boy intrude upon it?]
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[The brilliant light slants sharply through the Levanta Library's tall windows, illuminating Green, who's hunched over a book with his chin propped in one hand, his jacket hung on the back of his chair. Beside him are a stack of books about legends from all different regions.

Finally, he leans back with a groan, scrubbing his face with a hand, before he flops back in his chair, staring at the ceiling.]

Maybe I should take a break.

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[She's been here for months and has pretty much given up on anybody else from back home showing up.

Leaf's picked out an empty cottage a few miles away from the town. She much prefers to be away from crowds. But since she did end up miles away from most civilization, she's free to have her slightly ridiculous array of pokemon out.

One of which is a very loud Braviary, who's CAW CAWing about how awesome he is. And a Blastoise who is... napping, and somehow ignoring all the cawing.]

Calm down, it's only us out here. We've already heard how great you are. [Nope, still cawing about how awesome he is. Because everybody needs to hear it!]
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[There's a small figure out fishing by the lake. With a straw hat on, you can't exactly tell the gender. One would guess boy though.]

Oh dear, Chuchu. It doesn't seem like we've been getting many bites. [The pikachu looks up at it's trainer before letting out a soft 'pika'.]

Looks like we're going to have to find something else to sketch, huh?
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[Ethan is running through Levanta Town with a worried look on his face, looking in trash cans, under stairwells, and into every nook and cranny he can find. While he searches, he's calling as loudly as he can without attracting too many glares from the townsfolk.]

Marbles? Marbles, where are you? I told him to stay put...!

[[ooc: this place is too dead, let's fix that ;_;! Dear mods, how do I tag? This is an AU gameverse-sort-of Ethan ;_; do I use "game: ethan" or something else? Thanks in advance!]]
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[ Hey island. Island. Guess what's happening in that little park not too far from the town plaza?

A party.

Well, it's not that big of a party, but it's still a party! With balloons and cake and free food. Which is perfectly stealable, because the two guys who are supposed to be in charge of this whole thing are too busy being dorks with each other. There's Pokemon food laid out, too - there's berries and poffins and pokeblocks (which are most likely to be eaten by either Morty's ghosts or Ho-Oh's Pidgeys if no one else touches them). Feel free to come up and choose something to snack on!

... Except as some of you may know, and some may not, the drifting island has a bit more up its sleeve than just floating - some of you might remember how having free food's never really been a good idea (if you came here from the Awesome Island), and this stays true on this island, too. Anything your character eats just might have an effect on them - your character is a mature, responsible adult? How about starting to want to act like a bratty teenager? Your character is a bratty teenager? They might surprise those around them by being way more mature and reasonable than usual (even if their mind rebels against it). Or even more bratty and jerkface-y. Some might feel like wise old men and try to give others life advice, some might see themselves as kids once again, some might imagine they're tough Pokemon professors and feel like lecturing others on whether it is or isn't time for this or that. It's all up to their mun.

So there you have it! You can go have a bite of food for yourself, feed your Pokemon, or just watch from the distance, or maybe try to bother the two boys who are hanging around here (who you might know as the Resident Teenage Ghosts Guy and Resident Teenage Kind-Of-BirdGod Guy).

OOC: This is a joint mingle post between Morty ([personal profile] even_less_fashion_sense ) and Ho-Oh ([personal profile] bellfire_bird ). Please specify if you're tagging either of them, or both. Else feel free to mingle! ★ ]
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Today, Bianca's having a little picnic on the town's plaza. Her team is free and roaming around, except for Stoutland, who is taking a nap next to her on their big, orange blanket. There's a basket full of berries too, and the Trainer is, at the moment, reading a book about them that she borrowed from the Pokécenter.

But that book isn't the only thing Bianca borrowed. On top of a stool there's a... is that a laptop? Indeed, a laptop it is! And it has a handmade sign attached to its back.

Don't judge her - she's a trainer/researcher-in-making, not an artist.
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[There is a very angry looking Galactic Commander stomping along the Landing Strip, her trusty Skuntank and Crobat immediately behind her. Her hair is a bit disheveled - guess who just tried to Fly through the wind barrier?]

Not. Funny!

[She will rudely plant herself right in front of the first person she sees, blocking their passage.]

You. Do you know of any way to return home?
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[So beyond the open, peaceful meadows of the landing strip, the wilderness of the Drifting Land stretches on. And Pokemon Trainers are adventurous folk, of course - whether to test their resolve or to catch new Pokemon or simply to explore lands uncharted, wandering off into the woods is not an uncommon thing for them to do.

Wanderers beware.

Something is watching you.

Venture into the forest, and you will be tracked - quietly, persistently, with suspicion. Pay attention to your Pokemon! They may be able to smell or hear or sense the stalking presence. It is small but vicious, not quite human...and it wants intruders out of what it is now declaring "its forest".

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[Cynthia's been exploring the area, ever since the introduction. She's got handfuls on handfuls of PokeBalls, all of which are a decade old in their make and model. She starts looking for people! And why, you will find out, once she approaches you to ask.]

Excuse me! Would you like to trade? I've caught a lot of Pokémon from the area!

[And it's all for science!!]
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[Someone has set up a table of wares in a well-traveled area. The goods for sale include purported good luck charms, theoretical evolutionary stones, and "energy drinks" for pokemon.

Basically, none of it has any special properties she knows about, although it's hard to tell at first glance. This place is a little weird, but she can still con people out of their money.]

Hey there! Pokémon trainer, amirite? Wanna get the leg up on the competition?
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[Just outside of town, far enough away from the throng of people who populate Laventa sits a young Ghetsis, covered in bloody gashes and yellowing patches of forming bruises. His hands, cut up and bleeding, are busy trying to fend off a Deino that seems intent on taking a chunk out of his arm.

No worries, folks, he knows what he's doing, really.]


Apr. 13th, 2012 07:05 pm
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[Ethan's on the hunt.

For food, actually, because he's pretty far away from the Pokémon Center and there's a rumbly in his tumbly. He should've packed something with him before venturing out so far, probably, but well. ETHAN forgot FORESIGHT, to put it simply.

So with an equally hungry Ampharos at his side, the two are searching high and low for edible berries of some sort, or possibly even a river for some fish. Ampharos probably shouldn't get too close to that river, though.]

Man... I didn't think finding some food in this place would be this hard. Think we should just give up and try to head back?

[Ampharos isn't paying attention. Instead, she perks up at the sound of something rustling in the trees and immediately zaps it with a light Thundershock. It could be food! Or something that is carrying food! You don't know!

In reality, it's an unfortunate you. Oh no. :(]
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[Hellooooo floating region! In the landing field, there's a boy hard at work with his Gurdurr and Stoutland. That is, he'd supervising them as they work down the grass and hit dirt in a big oval-pattern. You know, just like a battle area.

Because it is.

That's one end, on the other end there's a girl working just as hard! They'll meet in the middle in a bit, but for now, the girl's just making sure her Emboar isn't rolling out any trees or... wildlife. He's a little hard to handle when he's using that attack, you know?]

All right, Hilda, since you've got a loud voice you better see if you can call people's attention to it. I'll walk around and tell the others!

[Wow you are so lucky she likes the cut of your jib battle, Hilbert.] All right! Come on, Emboar. Let's see if we can get a few people.

[So! Now you either have some dumbass walking up to you and telling you about the sexy sexy battle rink him and the ever prettier, more talented girl have created OR you have a girl shouting you down about the same thing.]

[ooc: Specify Hilbert or Hilda for tagging! And select "Both", since they'll probably be on break or hanging around together for whatever reason anyway. Battles are also encouraged because this is a battle rink-thing like OFFICIALLY A BATTLE RINK-THING not some dinky huge space in the middle of town like before -- cough.

As for mingling... If people wanna battle, they get to battle! The place is big enough to handle more than one at a time, so feel free to hit people up and kick their asses!

Also, this is a joint post between Hilbert ([personal profile] powerfulwarrior) and Hilda ([personal profile] heroineoftruth)!]
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[So here's a little girl. But you can't see her.


This flowerpot is totally big enough to hide her.

Because she's a ninja and ninja can hide anywhere. Even in small empty flowerpots.

Even if flowerpots don't usually have gigglefits.]
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[It's rather late at night and an Ash has wandered out of town.

Where is he going? Nowhere in particular, just somewhere a little less populated.

Once he's made it to the forest he'll release a Gabite. He'll pat the dragon's head once before sending out Buizel as well. It also gets a pat before he begins to give them orders.]

Buizel, use Aqua Jet.

Gabite, do your best to dodge. [It's a well forested area so both pokemon seem to have a bit of difficulty with the orders. Buizel hits trees more often than he hits the dragon, and Gabite doesn't have much room to move.

Ash is frowning at both of them and their lackluster performance.]

You can do better. I've seen you better. Focus!
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Perhaps you were out buying groceries, or perhaps you were having a picnic. Whatever outdoorsy activity you were indulging in this fine day will soon meet a tragic end.

The chirping of birds suddenly stops, a peculiar silence falling upon the town. Then, a noise that you feel rather than hear- a deep rumbling in the earth begins to multiply until it's a dull roar. The ground shakes... an earthquake? No, not quite. Look to the north, and you'll see a cloud of dust and debris kicked high into the air. The source? A huge mass of purple headed this way.

That's right, it's a stampede. A stampede...


Coming this way, trampling all in its path.


((OOC: Flee, fight, panic, MINGLE.))
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[A large WELCOME sign is hanging from the buildings when you walk into Levanta Town, but that seems to be the only sign that today is any different than any other day. The villagers are simply going about their daily business. However, if they are approached they are more than happy to explain the region as well as they can to any new arrivals.

Welcome to Levanta Town in The Drifting Land!]


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